Just Paul

Just Paul Marocco Fusion Copacabana Dress

$99 $199
Just Paul Marocco Fusion Copacabana Dress
Here she comes again! The Copacabana Dress!
A return that we've all been waiting for. Adored by You dress came again. A model that we don't need to present.
Lace-up neckline, high-quality material plus numerous valances is an ideal combination.   
Boho Chick style is unforced elegance, delicacy and femininity.                            
 All these features  are combined with a Copacabana dress. If you are looking for an original cut, which will be both comfortable and spectacular, you've just found it!
One Size
Overall length - 85 cm
The width in the bust- 50 cm
Back width - 40 cm

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