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CARGO by OWEE White Medium Mesh Bag

Proud winner of prestigious award.
Bag MESH fluo white MEDIUM is super light and extra strong. Bag will lift up to  60 kg (27 pounds)Roomy and extremely practical, zippered, with inner pocket. You can catch it by the ears, put her on or over your shoulder. Easy to clean. Accommodates shopping, stuff to work and the gym.
Size: W50 x H42 x D15 cm.
Capacity 60kg,
Volume:  20l
Three types of straps: Long adjustable and detachable strap:  55-105 cm,
Medium straps: about 66 cm
Short straps: about 28 cm
Large inside pocket with zipper– it will easily fit a ipad mini, wallet and phone.  
Open- end separator
Weight of the bag ca 50 dag
Model's height:  165 cm
CARGO by OWEE is manufactured in Poland in a sewing factory for special services. Our products are characterized by high quality and durability by using the original CORDURY® 1100dtx for production.


2x more durable than standard nylon
3x more durable than polyester
10x stronger than cotton
is a super durable fabric made of nylon manufactured by Invista. It is used by the world's leading manufacturers of military and tourist equipment, that is, wherever quality and strength are required.

CORDURA® is characterized by very high resistance to tearing and abrasion, which makes our products virtually indestructible. It is twice as durable as standard nylon, three times more durable than polyester and ten times stronger than cotton. CORDURA® is a fabric with high resistance to weather conditions, very light. The contents of the bag, kidney or backpack are safe regardless of the weather. The slightly rough surface allows uncompromising use of products in all conditions.

Washing method: To maintain the longest possible values, we recommend cleaning with warm water and a mild liquid or soap. Machine wash with normal drum loading, wash with detergents without bleach and softener at 30 °. It is necessary to set a low number of revolutions during centrifugation, we do not recommend drying in a tumble dryer. Ironing at low temperature (range of wool and silk). In the case of heavy soiling caused by oils or fats, dry cleaning is recommended. The commercially available stain remover should be checked first in an invisible place.

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